Havok Guild Sandbox Front

Welcome to the Havok Guild Sandbox!

You can use pages on this site to practice formatting, store works in progress, or simply have a place to put drafts so you can show others and get feedback before posting to the main site.
  • Anyone can create and edit their pages here. You do not need to join this site, but you must be a Wikidot platform member.
  • DO NOT EDIT OTHERS' SANDBOXES WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. If it's not your sandbox, there's no reason to make unsolicited changes, even if you're trying to be helpful and fix something. Doing so will result in disciplinary action.
  • Please don't create too many sandbox pages. You can make as many sandbox pages as you need, but we recommend that you keep the number reasonable. You can store multiple drafts on your sandbox by using the tab code further down this page.
  • Once you are satisfied with your draft, please link your sandbox page into the Drafts/Critiques Subforum with a brief introduction or synopsis of your draft.
  • Note to All: Only staff has the power to completely delete/rename/move a page here. This is to prevent vandalism.
  • Note to All: Please consider imprinting some form of hidden code to circumvent plagiarism.
  • Note to Staff: All staff, please place your Staff drafts in the Staff Drafts Subforum or the Staff Collaborative Drafts Forum.
  • Wiki Syntax? YES!


To add tabs to your sandbox so you can have multiple drafts, use the following code:

[[tab Front]]
Text goes here. This is your front page.
[[tab Draft 1]]
This is your first draft!
[[tab Draft 2]]
This is your second draft! You can add however many you want!

If done correctly, you should get something like this:

Text goes here. This is your front page.

To create a sandbox page, please enter your username into this form:

Please remember to click SAVE when you are finished editing your draft. Clicking SAVE DRAFT will not save the page properly.

Here is a ToDo list for you to customize!
We hope it will help you with your writing endeavors!

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